Stone Age thinking

A recent story in the paper tells of how schools are taking us back to the “Stone Age”, putting a pale of rocks in the class room as a method of defense against a possible active shooter situation. I cannot believe this is being taken seriously! It is no different than the illusion of safety provided by the “Duck and Cover” drills taught to school children during nuclear threats in the 50’s.

Well, with that kind of thinking, we can save a fortune on the military budget! We will just arm soldiers with rocks instead of bullets to throw at the enemy. Instead of bombs, we can drop big rocks. Instead of the MOAB, (Mother of all Bombs) it could be the MOABoulders. Much cheaper, but the whole thing sounds like the mother of all stupid ideas, from a politician ignoring reality, and seducing anti-gun voters!

So, their idea is that an active shooter is coming in the classroom, and instead of using lethal force against them, or having the students hide out of sight, they are supposed to not panic, and calmly stand up exposing themselves to the gun fire and hopefully aim and throw hard enough at the shooter to distract him, or hurt him, or make him go away without getting shot first? Really? Good luck! Any volunteers to have your child first in line?

One moment of clear thinking would show the consequences would be more catastrophic! Once a kid stands there, they are exposed to the gunman. Once the kid throws a rock, they are defenseless, and still exposed to multiple bullets being shot. At Sandy Hook, the kids that were shot were little kids! Get out of the stone age trying to ban guns, and get busy protecting the kids with lethal force.

Keith McAndrew


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom