The correctness of remapping Pennsylvania

Much has been written and discussed relating to the controversy surrounding the latest Pennsylvania congressional district remapping or as some call it, “The Congressional Incumbency Protection Plan.” Taxpayers should realize the cost is approaching $4 million. It must be great to be able to use someone else’s money to save your own job. The previous map completed in 2011 cost nearly $1.5 million – still too much. I understand these maps require redrawing and have to be completed based on the census every 10 years, so it’s a necessary evil. But if we are going to spend this much money, it should be done correctly and not to benefit one party or another.

Respected political analyst Terry Madonna of Franklin and Marshall College and a contributor to this newspaper called the 2011 gerrymandering “the worst in Pennsylvania history.” The map looked like a splatter diagram by a psychotic mental patient. It’s a shame the new map creates approximate equality between Republican and Democratic constituencies. Congressmen may actually have to work and earn votes of taxpayers on both sides by doing what’s right for their district instead of the small army of lobbyists and big money donors.

Greg Starr


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom