The test for today

History never changes, only the politicians names do. Tear down the statues of Confederate Generals and scenes of the Civil War. Next, do not teach about any of the events of the Civil War. We are past a time in history to “remember”, all books about the Civil War must be collected and a great bonfire will become a public event. This is a new use for large public stadiums in many U S Cities.

Rewriting the dictionary that contains pictures of Southern Generals; all definitions of “south,” “southern” need to deleted. Remove pictures and paintings of southern generals from galleries; remove battle scene of Civil War from public schools, public colleges, and churches with stain glass window depicting Civil War put in storage.

Collections found in the Smithsonian will be auctioned to foreign buyers; no Americans are permitted to bid on these items for storage or displaying these items in their homes or private collections. There can be no motion picture or T V episode depicting the Civil War. Public parks depicting Civil War battles will be sold for other use.

All Civil War flags must be collected and burned; similar to what is being done to the American flag on the public street here in the U S A. All the Civil War souvenirs will be collected and destroyed. The National Gallery must remove art reminding one of the Civil War. All military collection of Civil War items can’t be put on display. Private gun collections must be turned in.

The word southern must be dropped from public conversation; as well as beverages names . e. “Southern Comfort.” All money issued by the South must be removed from displays and selling these items is against our values as citizens. The “S” on all compass needs to changed to “X”. East, West, North and, we will need a new designation for Street directions in every U S city; any suggestions?

The South Pole will have a contest to rename it; the winners will have an all expense trip to the renaming site. “South” in any form cannot be of a Title of a book, magazine or school paper written by a student. It’s only one statue here, one there; another little thing has to go, when does one false reasoning, another false reasoning change false reasoning into the reality for everyone?”

If you have read this article in its entirety please assist with the following test: The reading sounds like this: (A) political correctness, (B) the speeches and writings of Hitler, (C) the actions of Stalin, (D) Genghis Khan conqueror of Asia, Europe and Middle East, (E) none of above, (F) All of the above.

Check your answer against your history; if not, Google it or visit your public library. It will never happen, you say. Are you sleeping on your brain? When does this movement become the government?

John Kovich


Submitted by E-Mail