Where ignorance lives

Thank You, Paul Rinker, for your informative letter titled “Guns & Lies” that appeared April 8. Your letter clearly pointed out what the “Founding Founders” meant when they enshrined the “Second Amendment” into our constitution.

I believe it is equally important for the far left to understand that the “Revolutionary War” started when the tyrannical (British) government tried to confiscate the colonists firearms. Any government now or in the future, be it Right, Left or in between that makes that mistake again will meet with the same armed resistance.

After listening to and reading the never-ending assault on the NRA and the “Second Amendment” by liberal politicians and their propaganda partners and “The Main-Stream Press,” I have come to the conclusion “Ignorance is a peaceful place where small minds reside”.

Marlin D. Lilley Jr.

Cogan Station

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom