A misguided belief

One of the cherished beliefs frequently articulated in letters to the editor is that the 2nd Amendment preserves our ability to rise up against our government should it become tyrannical.

Well, how many governments of developed nations have been removed by armed citizens? I can’t think of any.

Even the reunification of Germany and the overthrow of the Communist government in Poland were all accomplished without citizens needing to use guns.

In both cases, citizens demonstrated political will and a willingness to sacrifice personal comfort and safety for strongly held beliefs.

And they did this all without having to resort to firearms.

In short, developed nations have political, judicial, police, and military infrastructures that render armed uprisings outdated as a tool to create change.

So, while there are good reasons to own firearms, resisting our government is not one of them.

David Bross

Cogan Station

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom