Two recent letters demonstrate how clueless some people are. What makes one think that Jesus Christ today would be President, a Republican, let alone an American? To top off this ridiculous idea, Democrats would rush to crucify him.

Apparently, the writer thinks Republicans are the “chosen people” of God. I must have missed the memo that “the Church” is for Republicans only.

The second letter attacked the left for lacking integrity. Too bad the writer of that letter is also lacking integrity and truth, morals and ethics. Amazing how the writer made “free” a dirty word. None of those things listed in the letter are “free” but thanks to government policies and programs they are available to all even those who can not financially afford them on their own.

What is wrong with education, housing, food, medicine, communications for all Americans? Unless of course you think citizens should be uneducated, homeless, starving, sick and unable to communicate.

Without an education, a home, food, medicine, a phone to communicate, one is not going to be able to work or hold on to a job. Those programs cover a wide range of Americans; from the very young to the aged, veterans, all races, all religions and sexual orientation and more. Every American has benefited from one or more of these programs in their lifetime.

The letter does demonstrate the narrative of the right – people on the left are bad people.

Charles M. Reeder


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom