In agreement

I’d like to respond to Galen W. Seaman’s letter, “Gun control and drugs”, last Sunday.

Mr. Seaman is 100 percent correct in everything he wrote, even though there will be a few liberals writing in to dispute Mr. Seaman’s facts and try to twist and/or spin them to suit their agenda.

Some may ask how did socialism creep into our society and become so prominent especially in the democratic party and the answer to that is through our education system.

How can we stamp out socialism in our country and get it back again? Well, we all must get involved in our school system, that’s where socialism got it’s foot hold in this country. Check the new history books students are given if they are being taught history at all. Some of the newer history books have a liberal spin on some phases on the history of this country. If they aren’t teaching history in our schools then insist that they do and insist that they are taught about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

If there are any subjects being taught that insist on political correction demand that the school system remove it from their courses.

Our schools have been politicalized for years now and that is wrong and unfair to our children. The far left has learned this tactic from Hitler and they have adopted this into the school curriculum . I know there will be letters denying this and claim that this is being paranoid as the left has always done but for those who have studied history know very well that taking away the history books and the right to privately own fire arms leads to a government ran by tyrants .

As far as the death penalty for convicted drug pushers I couldn’t agree more with Mr. Seaman. The death penalty should also be imposed on drug lords and manufactures of illegal drugs as well.

George Lockett


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom