There were two letters in last Thursday’s edition that I would like to comment on.

The first letter was by Charles Ardell (“Unhinged”). I could not agree more with Mr. Ardell. The liberal Democrats just cannot stand the fact that President Trump is getting things done that they would not do themselves.

They are quite satisfied with just giving lip service to their sheeple and their sheeple love being lied to as long as it was done nicely and didn’t hurt their feelings. Good job, Mr. Ardell!

The second letter was by Lawrence Ross about health care. He asks if Sen. Toomey can do something about repealing the individual mandate for auto insurance. Well, I do believe that is a mandate by the state of Pennsylvania. And not by the federal government and also in the state it is a privilege to drive, not a right.

As far as “that same line from Republicans in Congress for 10 years now and we still have no clear ideas or plans from any of them,'” they never will have any clear plans or ideas as long as there is resistance in the House.

You can thank the liberal Democrats and the liberal Democrats in Republican suits commonly known as ” ‘Rhinos'” for that.

George Lockett


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom