Supporting property tax independence

Senate Bill 1137 was recently introduced in the Pennsylvania Legislature by state Sen. Mario Scavello. It proposes to eliminate property taxes on owner-occupied homes by levying an additional 1.98 in personal income tax on everyone, raising the PIT from 3.07 to 5.05 percent.

SB 1137 is not a property tax elimination bill. It actually admits this in its title, the “School Property Tax Exclusion Act.” It is an expansion of the existing homestead exclusion, which a homeowner may apply for every year.

The local school board decides if you can have any exclusion up to 100 percent of your home’s assessed value.

The only guarantee is your personal income tax will increase.

Another very disturbing aspect of this bill is it expands the taxing authority of the school boards, permitting them “to inspect the tax returns of any taxpayer of the school district.”

The majority of school board members simply aren’t qualified to conduct a tax audit, so the school board will have to hire someone like a business manager to conduct these audits against us.

The Property Tax Independence Act, HB/SB 76, is the only bill that completely eliminates school property taxes and removes the taxing authority from the school boards, fully funding public schools dollar for dollar.. Please call Senator Yaw convince him to support SB 76.

Mim Logue


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom