The wrong path

Today Little Alfie died after four days of starving and dehydration. Not even two years old and sentenced to a painful slow death. This is the face of socialized medicine, this and Charlie Gard.

The wonders of socialized medicine is NHS not being able to keep hospitals working so people are having to wait months, or even years to be treated. The wonders of socialized medicine is death panels of judges hidden behind their books of regulations deciding your worth to society. The wonders of socialized medicine is police standing outside the hospital to make sure no one can slip Little Alfie out to another country that offers to treat him.

Ah, but you ask what about the other parts of socialism and how it helps. Like the British police “visiting” anyone that post anything negative about the NHS. Or maybe the British courts sentencing people to prison or fining them for posting opinion the government deems not p.c.

Or maybe the German government putting women in jail for saying their rapist was muslim. Maybe France trying Marine LePen for posting videos of DAESH executions.

It seems that socialism always leads to the same thing, first taking any means of self-defense so you can’t fight back and then not allowing dissenting opinion. Then the rationing of goods or services, yet the Democratic Party is pushing this as what we need.

How many of you want to have a judge decide if you need medical care, or sentencing a helpless infant to a horrible death? Is it your wish to have your opinions limited to what the government tells you is right?

Do you wish to have a cradle to grave nanny government that decides when you should be in a grave because of what they deem your worth to the state?

Jody Dietz


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom