Poorly conceived

In his poorly conceived letter titled, “Canine Comparison”, David Bross said of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, “The impact of his impeccable reputation means he can do his job without the need to call attention to himself.” This shows how little liberals like Bross know about Mueller.

In an article in June 2017, the Huffington Post, not known as a right-wing news outlet, published an article titled, “No, Robert Mueller And James Comey Aren’t Heroes”. The story details some of Mueller’s activities which earned him that “impeccable reputation”.

First is the story of how Mueller withheld evidence which would have exonerated four men convicted of murder. Two of these men served 30 years in prison, while the other two died there. Why did Mueller withhold this evidence?

He was protecting a known mob leader and murderer. Not a former mob leader and murderer, but one who was continuing the expansion of his criminal empire. Mueller was perfectly willing to allow the crime to continue or increase, as long as he could garner attention with the appearance that he was fighting crime.

Another instance was after 9/11 when he was FBI director, the agency illegally detained over 1,000 immigrants in what can only be called a PR stunt to draw attention to his valiant efforts.

Read the story for yourself; there’s much more.

Mueller is more like a plastic banana, looking good on the outside but hollow and without substance. He does, however, fit right in with all the other fake fruits in Washington. It is these phonies who want Mueller to overturn a valid election by bringing down one of the only people in Washington who actually cares about the people of the country, and they don’t care about justice or who gets hurt.

President Trump doesn’t have the appearance or demeanor the establishment likes, but whether you like what he does or not, he is doing it for the country and not to make others approve of him.

I would prefer flawed yet genuine people like Trump to all the self-interested pretenders like Mueller. Trump will tell you what he’s thinking and doing, but swamp dwellers like Mueller tell you what you want to hear while doing what they want, regardless of cost.

Paul Rinker


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom