Who cares?

Who really cares that a number of pampered, multi-million dollar athletes, the Philadelphia Eagles, made it clear that only a few of their team members would attend the White House to be honored and congratulated by President Trump on behalf of the nation?

Trump did the correct thing by cancelling the event. To do otherwise would have been embarrassing for him, the nation, the city of Philadelphia, the Eagles organization and the NFL. The NFL has been experiencing a significant drop in viewership, TV ratings, multi-billion dollar stadiums less full than in the past, and the last Super Bowl having somewhat disappointing ratings. Many expect this trend to continue for any number of reasons, including incidents like this.

If I had been Trump, I probably would have heartily thanked these players for freeing me from a “game” of mutual respect and admiration for each other. Why put on a hypocritical show when both sides realize this is just more of the “culture warriors of the NFL” wanting to make a political statement? Why bother when the NFL and many of its athletes have shown such disdain from our flag and National Anthem? They’ve treated America, her veterans and their fans to a rather rude slap in the face.

As one considers this incident in the grand scheme of things going on in the nation and the world, it has actually been less than a blip on the monitor.

Both NBA teams in their league finals declared they would not attend a White House event to honor their accomplishments. Who cares?

Charles Ackerman

South Williamsport