Bail bond business

If I were a taxpayer in Lycoming County, I would be furious. Your tax dollars go for a lot of valuable and essential services but I don’t think you realize that the court system has placed you in the bail bond business.

I think we can agree that there is a lot of drug activity in Lycoming County and all police do an excellent job in apprehending those involved. Once arrested these individuals are taken to a District Judge for arrangement and to have bail set.

The judges are setting bail with a Nebbia Hold. On the surface this sounds good because to remove a Nebbia Hold that person must have a hearing to prove that the money used to pay for the bail is not coming from the sale of drugs. However, in Lycoming County, this is a joke.

All of the District Judges are doing this so I have to believe they have been instructed to do so. I know of no other county that does this and if you google Nebbia Hold, you will find they were not designed for local county. They were designed for state courts.

Lycoming County is different because more of these criminals are being taken on supervised bail before a Nebbia Hearing can be held. No hearing is needed to be held because no money is being paid. This is a ploy being used by the court system so they can justify to you taxpayer why you are paying six full-time people to do supervised bail and why you are spending thousands of dollars on monitoring equipment. All are politicians who believe that government can do it better than private business. Also, defense attorneys love this because there is no more money to pay their fees and they do not have to show where the money is coming from.

Taxpayers, your answer is the ballot box.

Kermit W. Yearick

State College