Condemning Waters

I don’t hate anyone, even Maxine Waters…or President Trump, for that matter. It’s against my religious beliefs. I do not wish ill to befall anyone, no exceptions. In the case of Maxine Waters, however, I confess that full-throttle hatred is, indeed, an ever-tormenting temptation.

Recently, true to style, California Democrat Rep. Waters has demagogically urged people to heckle and shame members of the Trump Administration on the streets, in restaurants, and whenever they are seen in public. Such inflammatory incitement may be standard fare for Maxine Waters, but it is way beyond the pale of decency and fairness.

It’s just the kind of over-the-top behavior that Trump and Republicans use to divert attention away from the reprehensible behavior of the most powerful man in the world. For them, the strident obscenity of a destructive congressional gadfly is grist for their mill. Waters’ vituperative onslaughts make it easier for Republicans to excuse Trump’s repeated provocations at rallies for attendees to be physical and verbally violent to members of the press and hecklers. No wonder Waters is their favorite Democrat.

Regrettably, the likes of Maxine Waters make the already wide chasm of our national tribal division even worse. The way to express one’s opposition to Trump’s behavior and specific policies is not to act like Trump. Maxine Waters is as over the top both in her comportment and positions as the man she appears to hate.

I abhor her conduct as much as I do much of President Trump’s. Maxine Waters is living proof that Republicans do not have a monopoly on stupidity. The last thing in the world that Democrats need is our own Donald J. Trump. But, regrettably, in Maxine Moore Waters, we’ve got one.

Tim Mannello


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