ehind the badmouthing

So, the Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau is upset because President Trump wants to protect the interest of the USA by making sure this Country can supply its own steel production. This means providing less jobs for Canada while paying for their steel to be sent here, as the steel companies in the USA shut down. And this makes Americans mad at President Trump?

Trudeau bad mouths the states, at the same time as proposing threats of retaliation for not getting a free ride anymore, and liberals think that is okay? It reminds me of the story of the mouse and the elephant locked in the same room together, and the mouse says to the elephant, “Let’s make a deal; nobody step on each other!”

Canada keeps their dollar lower than the USA’s dollar by about 25 percent. Without a tariff, those goods shipped here would cost .75 cents in American money, meanwhile Canada gets their dollar value, and the US, manufacturers would have to compete with a product bought cheaper here, and somehow that is fair trade?

There is no doubt that President Trump is a little rough around the edges, which is an understatement. But nobody with intellectual honesty can deny his patriotism, and determination to improve the conditions for Americans! And improve things he has! Historical changes for the good of the country!

What amazes me is that the Democrats had eight years of Obama’s reign to do any of the things that Trump has done in a year, and did not do it, and yet now want to take control back to say they will make things better?

How? By undoing what Trump has accomplished? Taxing the rich? Paying off Dictators? Apologizing for America’s greatness in the world? Selling off jobs to other Countries? Obama was a slick car salesman, smiling and pretending to be your best friend while his hand is in your pocket, and selling you options you don’t want or need.

President Trump is a savvy negotiating neighbor who will get the best deal for you at the lowest price. And yet, some would rather pay full price with the slick salesman, who does not care about you once the deal is done!

The midterm elections are more of an indicator of how well Congress is doing than how well the president is doing, but it will be an indicator of how much more good he can continue to do for this country if the Republicans do not stay in office even with their own lack of support for the President.

Keith McAndrew


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom