Immigration defined

The immigration issue is easy to understand and can be summed-up in a few points.

Firstly, all the media coverage and attention the issue is getting at present is faux outrage! It is entirely by design in order to distract from the damning information revealed in the IG report and related Congressional hearings. The Deep State hatred for Donald Trump and his supporters will ultimately lead to their demise.

That being said, here is what you need to know regarding that awful, meanie Trump separating kids from their parents at the border:

1. Do not watch any news source other than FOX or Newsmax because the propaganda press and drive-by media are trying to summon sympathy for the foreign invaders….our Constitution and American citizens be damned!

2. American citizens who break the law are separated from their children when they are put in jail…why should it be any different for illegal aliens who are breaking the law when they cross our border?

3. The ICE detention facilities have been massively upgraded thanks to Trump’s increased border security funding. They are a lot nicer than when Obama was running the show. There are no cages.

4. Illegal aliens separated from children at the border is nothing new and is not President Trump’s fault. It is the result of the 1997 Flores Agreement (thanks Bill Clinton) and the 2008 Trafficking Victims Prevention Reauthorization Act passed by a Democrat congress and signed by George Bush.

5. President Trump signed an executive order to keep alien children in the same detention facility with their parents; however, like Obama’s executive orders creating DACA and DAPA, it is not Constitutional and would not be upheld in court. It is up to Congress to pass a permanent solution.

6. The biggest media lie is about the actual separation itself. Only 16% of children separated from parents happen at the border…the rest are separated by their own parents at their own home! If Democrats had any compassion for children they would be pro-life, pro-family, and anti-illegal alien violence that permanently separates American families.

7. When you import the Third World they tend to vote for third world policies and politicians.

8. That is the Democrat plan…to turn America into a Third World country. With a few more million votes spread across Arizona, Texas, Florida, and Georgia to name a few, the whole country becomes California and the GOP would be incapable of winning a national election ever again.

9. This is why the immigration issue is the most vitally important part of the America First agenda for the survival of our country and our way of life.


Ryan A. Workman


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom