Our protection

Make America Great Again is impossible unless patriotic citizens Take America Back Again, not from the British, but from radical Democrats from the Obama administration. They have corrupted the hierarchy in the State, NSA, CIA, Justice, and FBI agencies by violating the rule of law, the Constitution, Bill of Rights, a presidential campaign, and now they’re attempting to impeach a duly elected president based on bogus Russian collusion data, paid for by Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

The Progressives have lost the House, Senate, Presidency, and their ability to appoint liberal Supreme Court Justices who would legislate from the bench instead of interpreting the Constitution as the Founders intended, and now they’re utilizing Antifa’s terror tactics to intimidate those whose political views they deem offensive.

Democratic Rep. Maxine Watters is urging her unhinged Progressive cohorts to get in the face of President Trump’s staff and supporters at service stations, restaurants, and other public facilities including their homes. The president and his family have been threatened, and left-wing cronies are urging their followers to shut down and obstruct scheduled events by denying conservatives a platform from which to speak.

Michael Moore has encouraged liberal protestors “to put their lives on the line,” which is similar to King George belligerently declaring, “the die is now cast, the Colonists must either submit or triumph,” and history recorded how that threat turned out in 1775.

Progressives acting like Anarchists should seriously consider James Burgh’s quote before threatening political opponents, he said, “In war and peace, both nations and people must be armed and feared to preserve peace, from foreign adversaries and domestic oppression. A nation is surest to live in peace, that is most capable of making war, and a man that has his sword by his side, shall have least occasion to use it.”

Today, America’s elite military, second to none, protects citizens from foreign adversaries, and Americans Second Amendment, feared by oppressors, protects our Republic from being transformed into a Socialistic nation ruled by power-seeking radicals.

William L Emick


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom