A comparison

A comparison between Liberal and Conservative think – A patient goes to the dispensary with a cut finger, the Liberal puts a Band-Aid on it. The patient returns the next day with a bigger cut and the Liberal declares “We need a Bigger Bandage”. The Conservative says “Instead of Band-Aid after Band-Aid let’s find out what’s causing the cuts and put a stop to it.

A recent letter titled “A candidate for education” states the price for higher education is prohibitive and that 40 million Americans have tuition debt totaling $1.4 Trillion dollars. The writer’s answer – Vote for Mark Friedenberg to represent Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District.

He has plans to fund a portion of student debt to offset cost – Translation: confiscate more taxpayer’s money for students to hand-over to higher education institutions who will then, hike tuition cost so they can come back later on for more government hand-outs.

It then becomes a never-ending cycle of “Tax and Spend” without ever looking into the real cause for tuition increases that habitually exceeds those associated with inflation.

One answer; “Stop feeding the beast”.

Once colleges and universities have to compete for hard-earned money rather than “Government Hand-outs” they’ll stop stuffing their pockets at the expense of future students.

Marlin D. Lilley Jr.

Cogan Station

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom