Doubly amused

I was doubly amused to see a rebuttal to my letter to you from a regular contributor.

His first question was:” How can you tell who is going to be a mass shooter?” I suspect the victims at Parkland, Annapolis, Virginia Tech and Newtown clearly understood who was the mass shooter, as did the victims at the church in Sulphur Springs, Texas. He advised most mass shooters had gun permits, etc. Exactly my point that gun controls on honest people do not prevent shootings.

As for the “loopholes” in gun control laws that are not nationwide as he alleges, I submit that in order to buy a gun legally in any state today there are uniform federal laws on background checks, completion of BATFE Form 4473 and other state imposed restrictions.

He stated the Parkland school had an armed officer on the campus who stayed outside with a gun, “so much for a good guy with a gun,” Not quite. That Parkland officer had been assigned that “plum” job for a decade, which was essentially he retired on duty. When the day came when he was needed to do his job he “waffled” and hid as he heard gun fire in the school. My “good guy” example would be the man in Sulphur Springs, who heard 45 or 50 churchgoers being murdered across the street and responded with his gun. The bad guy exited the church, exchanged gunfire with the citizen, was wounded, fled and later died.

The final question was about allowing technology of “3D Printed Guns” to go out on the internet. Not many bad guys are engineers with technical equipment to print guns and why should they?

Ron Benjamin


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