Indian relics, four-leaf clovers

This is in reference to the front page coverage that the Sun-Gazette gave Merlin Waltz for finding 13 rare 4 leaf clovers. I had no idea that there was another resident in Lycoming County who would take time to notice any of the many things that God and Mother Nature has provided for us to enjoy which grows in our yards and fields where one would never imagine there was anything that few people would ever notice.

When I was a little boy living up Spook Hollow in the Linden area in the 1930’s and 1940’s, I was a naturalist when it came to being outside.

I would like to mention my years of experience looking for 4 leaf clovers as well as hunting Indian relics in the Pine Creek and Loyalsock Creek areas and in the Susquehanna Valley as far as the Muncy area. My most unusual places where I found an arrow head was along Fishing Creek while trout fishing the headwaters of Fishing Creek in Sugar Valley in Clinton County, and on my uncle’s farm located in Yates County, New York state between Penn Yan and Dresden, New York.

The most unusual place that I found a 4 leaf clover was at a rest stop along Route 14 in New York state just above Watkins Glenn, along Seneca Lake.

When I retired in 1996, I took up biking as a hobby. I purchased my Mongoose Surge bicycle at a bike shop in Avis. Since then I have rode my bicycle 37,000 miles.

It was on this trip that I found a 4 leaf clover near the toe of my shoe as I sat in the shade at a picnic table at a road side rest area overlooking Seneca Lake, just north of Watkins Glenn, New York.

It was the most coincidental find of a 4 leaf clover that I ever experienced finding. The most 4 leaf clovers that I ever found was 70 in one year, at my home in Linden on my five acre mowed lawn.

I have found around 200 Indian relics such as arrowheads, spear points, tomahawks, grinding bowls, pedestals and other stone items.

Many of these items I found on Canfield Island near the mouth of Loyalsock Creek and on the large island at Jersey Shore which separates Jersey Shore and Antes Fort.

Many of them I discovered along Pine Creek through the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania.

Had it not been for the front page story concerning the streak of luck that Merlin Waltz had, I would probably have never wrote this letter.

I hope readers found it of interest.

Weldon C. Cohick