July 24 and 25th flooding

We are at our best during an emergency. Our young (40 and younger) need to realize how everyone plays a part.

In Ralston, we saw mostly old volunteers.

Thank you to the Fire Co., the Supervisors, County Commissioners, State and Fed. representatives, PennDOT, State Police, DCNR, DNEP Contracts — Public and Private, residents and visitors. “Overwhelming — essential nonetheless.”

Our EMS, co-volunteers, Steve Mead delegated motivated and communicated.

Sarrin Smith — gets it done.

Politics dictate many actions and responses. The South Bridge at Manor Hill — Ryland Construction. The State Bridge above Ralston — Susquehanna Construction.

The Trervshop Bridges in Pleasant Stream — McIntgee and Lewis Suphries.

We are prepared to save lives.

“911 cannot thanks to all — so many not mentioned above.”

Al Boyer

Roaring Branch