I agree that the misuse of identity politics has caused division in our country. To place that blame solely on the political parties is woefully misguided. People self identify by gender, race, religion, profession, geography and more. They will identify with groups, ideas, causes, issues, political party, political candidate. Self-identity will become a collective when you find like mind individuals.

But what has happened is if you chose one candidate or party then you must be one of the following or if you are elderly, white, male and a veteran then you must belong this party. The self identified collective turns into collectivism. Then you have political pundits/analysts and the media reporting and supporting these pigeon hole identities instead of accepting each individual’s identity. Collectivism of parties becomes entrenched.

When Congress fails to meet the expectations of the various groups who voted for them you get discord and more division.

President Trump is not immune from identity politics; he played it very well and now we are witnessing it backfiring on him. President Trump has not been a uniting force as president; he has been very divisive. His supporters just call it “sour grapes” from the losers.

Charles M. Reeder


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom