Missing the point

I read the editorial Aug. 16, and it completely missed the point of the Boston Globe’s protest. President Trump is a big “Joe” fan. Joe Goebbels was a practitioner of the Big Lie expounded by Adolph Hitler in “Mein Kampf”.

If you are going to lie, lie big, and repeat the lie often and it becomes the truth. He is a master of this technique. A cottage industry has arisen truth checking him.

Another Joe, Joe Stalin, was a big fan of “enemy of the people” but he didn’t invent it. That phrase goes back at least to ancient Rome hostis publicus and probably further.

It has been used by autocrats and dictators around the world and throughout time.

Pravda (the truth) and Izvestia (the news) are the two state-sanctioned newspapers in Russia. There’s a joke that has gone around for many years: “Pravda ne Izvestia, Izvestia ne Pravda” (The Truth is not news, The News is not the truth.)

Richard Tobin


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom