Now for the farmers

The American farmers have always had it hard.

Even in modern times like these, they still have it hard. Farming is very difficult and hard work, depending on good soil, plenty of sunshine and good rain. Drought, flood, insects and animals are a constant concern, not to mention blights or disease (and that is just the crops.) He must take care of himself and his family. There is no such thing as calling in sick.

President Trump has put tariffs in place, to help boost (or try to) our economy. Our country has most always had to go along with other countries laws and rules, though most of them try to get out of their responsibilities to our country.

Before people become all high and mighty and crazy, I wish to ask people (especially the older and middle age), how many remember the 1980s? How many farmers lost their farms, unable to make their mortgage payments, as well as their machinery payments?

Anyone remember the government “forcing” the farmer (through paying certain percentages) not to grow their crops, so they could raise the prices.

How many remember the percentage of farmers committing suicide because the thought of losing their live’s work and feelings of disgrace, to their families, was too much for some, very proud men?

This, too, was our blessed government. At least President Trump (being a businessman and not a politician) is trying against all odds to turn this country around.

Yes, it’s difficult but nothing good is ever easy.

Thank heavens for all the people of our past history who braved harsh, touch times so that we can enjoy everything our country has to offer.

Katherine Archer Slaybaugh Shipe

Old Lycoming