Pennsylvania U.S. Senate seat

For those who will be voting in this fall election, I wish to bring your attention to some very important facts.

The basic salary for a U.S. Senator is $174,000 per year, plus very generous perks. This figures to about $3,346 per week, or a rate of $84 per hour.

Our present senator, Bob Casey, has held this position for two terms and is now asking us to re-elect him for a third. During his past two terms, he had been nothing but a yes man to the DNC, past senator Harry Reid, and now Chuck Schumer. Casey has not introduced one piece of legislation or such in his entire to terms. He makes no declarations or responses on his own, like a puppet on a string. A 12-year-old could do as well.

A good majority of voters subsist on very much less, and are employed in many arduous conditions, in order to provide for their families. It would be somewhat different if senator Casey had actually done something besides take up space.

His opponent, Lou Barletta, has been very active and is not afraid to speak out on many of the issues, and I for one think he would represent the people of Pennsylvania in a far greater capacity.

Galen W. Seaman Sr.