Police respect

This concerns the action of two state policewomen who stopped a lady driver for speeding and then deliberately dehumanized her instead of writing her up for the offense which the lady driver admitted she was speeding because she was late for work. All my life I always held any policeman in high esteem because I was taught that by my mother. I am 86 years old and have driven cars and pickup trucks all my adult life, and I was never fined for anything, not even for speeding or for a parking violation. I have spoken to every policeman that I see and I have always received a friendly smile. This includes state, city, borough and township policemen.

My last encounter with a state policeman was on Route 973 one evening while taking an evening ride in my van to see deer and other animals that appear in the open just before dark every evening. I was driving very slowly, around 30 mph, when I glanced in my rearview mirror and a vehicle was approaching me at a faster speed. I immediately put my right turn hand turn signal on and pulled slightly off the road and stopped so that car could pass me safely because there was no oncoming traffic.

When the car started to pass me very slowly, it stopped right next to me and lowered the passenger window. Much to my surprise, it was a state trooper from the Montoursville area. As I lowered my window, this policeman said to me, “Is everything okay with you, sir?” I replied, “Yes, I am just out for an evening ride. Thank you for being concerned. Have a good evening, my friend.” He replied, “Enjoy your evening ride, sir” and drove out of sight.

The moral of this story is in reply to the actions of the two female police who stopped a lady speeding because she was late for work. They were being filmed and it was on National TV news. Why didn’t they write her up a speeding ticket and let her proceed? No, they had to act like a couple of domineering big mouths and handcuff the lady and put her in the back seat of their cruiser, just to stress the power they have against the average citizen. Then they flipped a coin to decide whether they would charge her or let her go.

These two female police should have been fired immediately. They were caught deliberately violating this lady who sat in the back seat of their cruiser. This is how this story will end. They will be taken off duty for a day or two while an investigation takes place, at which time the two will be back on the job, so they can act like they are god all mighty once again.

Every policeman or woman of today should be held to the high standards of every policeman which I have witnessed throughout my life. Thousands of precious policemen in our country are being cast as unfit and uncaring, all because of the actions of a few. Will the day come when our policemen will not carry a weapon? In this day and age, a policeman can’t even return fire while being shot at. If they do, thousands will riot in the streets. Is this what America is all about?

Weldon C. Cohick