The ‘Greatest Generation’ – Really?

I don’t want to disparage the men and women who fought or participated in World War II, but calling them the greatest in essence puts down all other servicemen and women. George Washington’s rag-tag army of volunteers fought without benefit of military armament, clothing, or shelter. But they won a war against the best in the world at that time. The Revolutionary War saved our country from being divided, and both sides had their heroes. There have been other wars, such as the Korean Conflict, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan.

On Aug. 22, President Trump made a presentation of a Medal of Honor to the widow of U.S. Air Force Sargent John Chapman, for his bravery in a battle against Al Qaeda, in Afghanistan. Each war has had its heroes who went way above the call of duty, but not all of them were recognized for it., nor were any of them looking for recognition.

John Campanile (Navy Vet)


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