The real corruption

In his letter “Ever”, Jay Meyers asserts that the last four elections weren’t legitimate.

He asserts that:

1) “Bill Clinton only became president because of a three-way race with Ross Perot taking votes from George H.W. Bush”.

2) “George W. Bush only became president because a partisan Supreme Court ruling on the Florida vote”.

3) “Barack Obama became president even though he wasn’t born in the United States”.

4) “Donald Trump may have only became president because of election meddling and collusion with Russia.”


1) There is no illegitimacy about people voting for a third party candidate.

2) At no time was Al Gore ever ahead in the Florida race, and the ruling centered on changing the process of the election procedure. Al Gore conceded the election

3) A person does not have to be born on U.S. soil to be a natural citizen.

4) Russia did not twist anyone’s arms to pull the lever for Trump. What Russia did was to expose the corruption of Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee.

And one has to wonder why the Dems are more upset about the exposure and who exposed it than the corruption that was exposed.

Mike Kerstetter


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom