Time for change

Our city is the County Seat of Lycoming County and the cultural, financial, and commercial center of Central Pennsylvania according to Wikipedia.

Williamsport operates on a “Strong Mayor” form of government, meaning the mayor is given almost total administrative authority and a clear, wide range of political independence with the power to appoint and dismiss department heads without council approval and little need for public input.

The mayor in this type of city is responsible for hiring and firing staff, may have veto power and is responsible for implementing legislation passed by the council. In this system, the strong – mayor prepares and administers the city budget and that budget must be approved by council, once again, according to Wikipedia’s description of our current form of Governing.

An Independent Audit of the City’s Financial Operation was completed by the CPA firm of Baker Tilly for the year ended 12/31/2016 and was issued on November 8, 2017. This entire report including discussion of operative policies are presented in accordance with Government Auditing Standards. It can be found on the internet in it’s entirety.

It is well worth the time needed to review it’s 87 pages of relevant financial information about our City.

The obvious disharmony in the operational components of our City’s Government that is reported in published documents, social media and word of mouth conduits appear to be the direct result of a lack of communication concerning the Duties, Functions and Responsibilities of the various entities that comprise our City’s Government.

This dysfunction from the County Seat, if continued, will ultimately have a deleterious ripple effect on our surrounding Communities.

It’s past due for the dismal cloud surrounding our community, because of this apparent disfunction, to be addressed and corrected by our duly elected local officials who have been charged with the responsibility of Governing, the “form” not withstanding!

Our community’s proud past deserves no less!

Frank Tripoli


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom