Tired of working

Here are two subjects that are near and dear to my heart and probably someone else too, especially taxpayers. How much of our tax money goes to NASA? Why are we spending so much money to go to outer space? Even if you found water it would be no good. It would probably be so full of bacteria it would not be drinkable or it takes years to get there. It would be evaporated until it got back here! These nuts need to use their heads for something besides a place to put their hats.

Have you tried to get free cell phone, prescription eye glasses, pills or dental work, or electricity? Don’t bother. I tried for 30 plus years. I worked 16 hour days and weekends giving up time with my family and unless I am on welfare, I am able to get zero, zip, nada. Why should we give up precious family time and get nothing. Maybe we should go to Mexico, Maybe we could get free stuff too! I am tired of working.

Shirley and Eugene Moore