Truth concerns

Reading the article Aug. 11 about the Pre-Release Center use causes me to be quite concerned, about the truthfulness, of the information provided to the readers of the newspaper, and the citizens of Lycoming County.

We have our Lycoming County Commissioners, the President Judge Nancy Butts, and the Pre-Release Center, officials, exchanging information about the effectiveness and cost of operations of the PRC.

I would like to thank Katelyn Hibbard, the reporter, for writing a good article in a factual manner.

However, there are many questions, which need to be addressed, about the PRC!

The first question which screams to be asked, is how are all the people involved to be believed, due to the fact Lycoming County is considered to be a Sanctuary County by the United States Government? Here again, she reported on this a few months ago! Here we had the County Commissioners state the County is not a Sanctuary County!

Why does the Government still have Lycoming County listed this way?

The center, Lycoming County Prison, Probation and Parole, are being forced to participate in manipulation of facts. If it only stopped here, we may stand a chance to change it, but it involves the state Department of Corrections, and the Governors Office!

The District Attorney’s Office must be concerned about the cost factors, involving any case.

Judges do not have to worry about money, they have unlimited time, unlimited money, unlimited recourses, and virtually unlimited power!

The State Government is also complicate in wanting to help the drug addicts, muggers, and illegal aliens, rip off the honest, hard working taxpayers.

This is why the Federal Government considers Lycoming County a sanctuary County!

This situation needs to be followed up on. I am willing to put the citizens of Lycoming County and all Law Enforcement first. Just because our elected officials feel that they are better than the people, whom they are to represent, does not mean that they are better than us.

The Sun-Gazette has been trying to get information, for over 1,300 days, through the freedom of information act – they are telling you that you have no ability to force them.

Stephen Hertel


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom