Understanding Trump

I just read another in a long line of letters from a confused soul who can’t understand why those stupid and hypocritical Evangelical Christians support the odious and evil Donald Trump when they could have had the vivacious and virtuous Hillary Clinton.

You would have to think some of this is a perception problem, but the bigger problem is the closed-mindedness which precipitates the inability to come to terms with a lost election.

The first problem is the term Evangelical Christians, as if all Evangelicals are of one mind when it comes to politics. They aren’t even of one mind when it comes to Christianity.

The use of identity politics is destroying our country, making it more divisive than it has ever been. People are being pigeon-holed into special interest groups, seen as being served by one party or the other.

This is done by the people who decry division and promise to remedy it, the political parties.

Rather than promise what’s best for the country, and deliver on those promises, they stir up fear the other party is going to do terrible things to your group, as in Joe Biden’s claim that Republicans wanted to put blacks “back in chains”. Someone should remind Biden and any who believed him that Republicans who removed those chains.

President Trump’s support comes from a range of people. That is because he said what he meant, and what he promised was what was best for the country. He is delivering on promises, another thing the political establishment can’t comprehend. He often goes off teleprompter and sometimes says things supporters wish he hadn’t, but he’s doing the job he was elected to do.

Paul Rinker


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom