What’s the answer?

For years now, many Americans have been asking this question: What does Vladimir Putin have on Donald Trump? In his recently published book, House of Putin, House of Trump, author and journalist Craig Unger makes the case that Russia is holding three things over Trump’s head: 1.) Bail-outs: The Russians bailed Trump out of a string of sensational Trump hotel and casino failures in Atlantic City. 2.) Massive money laundering: Trump’s apartments offering the perfect vehicle for billions of dollars to leave the collapsing Soviet Union, and 3.) Sex and the City of Moscow: Recorded revelations that Trump, great exporter that he is, did not confine his extra-marital activities to the United States.

If this investigative reporting turns out to be true, and if, as we can safely assume, Robert Mueller has this information and far more about what the Russians call “kompromat” (damaging information a politician or other public figure uses to create negative publicity for purposes of blackmail or for ensuring loyalty), what is President Trump’s possible legal and political exposure?

Tim Mannello


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