World Series coverage fantastic

This past 10-day period, ushered in the 2018 Little League World Series here in Williamsport. And it was fantastic. For more than 40 years, I have attend the series in South Williamsport and on West Fourth Street, and never have I witnessed anything like what we saw this August.

Congratulations to the staff at Little League Baseball, the Williamsport Chamber of Commerce for presenting the Grand Slam Parade, for the team Uncles, the dozens of volunteers who gave tirelessly of their time and courtesy to the fans, for police officers, for the spectacular work that ESPN performed and for the thousands of appreciative and respectful fans who came to Williamsport from all over the world.

The Sun-Gazette staff outdid itself in its daily coverage of games and activities. But that is just the beginning. Then came the baseball games. Never have I seen better groomed and talented teams who played their hearts out wanting to win, but thoroughly being great sports about the outcomes of the games.

Their management demonstrated the most polite and respectful attitude every I have witnessed during a Little League World Series. Carl Stotz, justifiably, can be very proud of what he created in 1939.

John A. Troisi


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