Brace yourself

I am a Catholic. Like other Catholics, I am horrified, mortified and numbed by the revelations of innocent children in Pennsylvania being molested by predator priests, and Catholic bishops enabling and covering up their heinous crimes. But God is my rock. My faith is grounded in Jesus Christ, not in any human being or group of human leaders.

I will never abandon my unconditional faith in Jesus Christ because I believe He is the Son of God who gives us the promise of eternal life through his life, death and resurrection. I will never abandon my unconditional faith in the Pope and bishops because I never had nor ever wll have an unconditional faith in them.

So be prepared…We have seen just a small sliver of this tragedy and only a faith in God and not in man can possibly see us through the coming ordeal.

You see, it’s not as though someone sent all the priest sex abuse offenders and facilitators to Pennsylvania. When investigations in other states and countries throughout the world are conducted, there is no reason to think that priests’ abuse of children and malfeasance by bishops in the rest of the United States and in other countries will not be as appalling and widespread as it is in Pennsylvania.

In addition to the magnitude and pervasiveness of these priestly crimes and of this episcopal complicity, we will have to deal with the inevitable broader dissemination of reporting about allegations of inadequate responses (some would say criminal negligence) on the part of bishops throughout the world and on the part of two canonized Popes, Pope John XXIII and “Defender of the Faith” Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI, and the much-beloved Pope Francis.

In addition to being a Catholic, I am an American citizen. The unconscionable acts of predator priests and complicit bishops are not only sins but crimes. It is left for the community of the faithful to pursue repentance, conversion and healing. It remains to law enforcement to pursue investigations, prosecutions, convictions and incarceration of the guilty regardless of rank. This is what faith and justice requires.

This is the least we can do for the inconsolable adults who were once helpless, victimized, innocent children and all the good priests whose trustworthiness has been shattered in the eyes of many by guiltless association.

Tim Mannello


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