Climate change

Everyone understandably worries about climate change, global warming and changes in our lifestyle.

Granted, the Earth has gone through many, many changes as has life itself.

Early on we as humans did not realize how damaging fumes from factory smoke stacks could be, also learning the hard way from clearing land of foliage and trees without planting replacements, causing dust bowels and damaging barren land.

Our politicians blame one another but a lot of the problem may come from the other side of the world.

I did some research and was surprised to find a small remote town in the upper Northern tier of Siberia named Norisk. The town has large factories that mine various quantities of nickel palladium, as well as many other minerals.

The factory’s smoke stacks spew huge amounts of smoke and fumes.

There is enough sulfur dioxide in the air that the snow is black. The few people that live there can tell what mineral is being produced by the taste in their mouths. Life expectancy is 10 years less than anywhere else in the country.

They have sludge ponds for collecting slurry waste, though at times these “ponds” have periodically “overflowed.” 1997, 1998, 2013, 2014, the ponds were full of iron ore composite that ended up running into the Delty Kahn river, causing the river to turn blood red.

No life can be sustained, no plant life, no animals.

Nothing can survive anywhere near this river. Anyone venturing into the river, by boat or physically, believe they enter into the “underlife.”

The most frightening thing to think about is that what is being absorbed into the ground and the waterways, not to mention the air could literally be catastrophic to the rest of the world. My advice to our politicians is to “get the message,” “look at the big picture.”

The Earth was created by God.

The Earth has gone through many devastating climate changes all caused by natural events. God is in charge. And guess where Siberia is.

Katherine Archer Slaybaugh Shipe

Old Lycoming