Double standards

In reading Mr. Kerstetter’s letter of August 20th, I can agree with his arguments regarding the last four elections.

In regards to item number three, however, I can only agree that one can be a natural U.S. citizen if born to a parent who is also considered a citizen. The Birth Certificate provided by the most recent previous president, however, carried hints that it may have been phony, as it was missing items that would have been on an authentic document, ie; a raised embossed seal, certain wording, among others.

Regarding the current president, I can testify that no Russian agent came to my door and twisted my arm or threatened me in any way regarding my vote. Our president was duly elected and deserves to be allowed to do his job without undue interference from the liberal Democrats who can only cry that their crooked and dishonest candidate was unable to wiggle her way into the office.

I can only wonder why President Obama could issue an Executive Order and there were no complaints or judicial interference, but when Mr. Trump issues one, the liberal courts overrule his efforts and say he cannot issue an order to undo a previous one that probably was not legal in the first place. This seems like a double standard at the least.

Let the President do his job and “Make America Great Again” as he promised in his campaign.

Mel Benjamin


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom