Fair and equal

I appreciate the fairmindedness of the Sun-Gazette in its treatment of articles submitted by both conservatives and liberals. I especially agree with the article published in the Aug. 19 edition under the heading “Need Changes.”

I personally was involved in one aspect of this article, notably, free education. My wife, a native of Austria, after graduation from the gymnasium in the city of Linz, was employed at the town’s statistical office. While employed she took courses for study from Vienna University for two years. After coming to the U. S. in 1953, she decided to continue her education at Moravian College in Bethlehem. After review of her courses at Vienna University, she was granted two years of study toward a bachelor’s of arts degree at Moravian College.

Education is so highly regarded in Austria that a person who applies for Social Security has time spent in higher education and work experience included in the formula for the Social Security payment. In addition, two bonuses are paid each year to Social Security recipients.

Glen Ockenhouse