Faulty survey

A recent letter blasted Democrats from a Pew Research poll conducted June 5-12. They surveyed 2,002 adults and where asked to pick their first and second choice of the greatest president of our times. Obama garnered 44% followed by Clinton with 33% and Reagan with 32% and Trump with 19%.

When the numbers were crunched as to who voted for who, it highlighted party and generation. Democrats voted mostly for Obama, Clinton and Kennedy. Republicans voted more for Reagan, both Bushes and Trump. The generations were inclined to choose presidents who were president during their lifetime. The Silent generation had picked a lot more Presidents than did Millennials.

For someone upset over Obama getting 71% of the Democrats votes, remember that it is the combination of first and second choice.

It makes no sense. But to also berate those who choose Obama and then President Obama himself as seeking participation trophies shows a great lack of character and bias. Reagan managed to receive 57% of the Republican votes. Neither choice is a surprise.

The survey size was not that large, the method is questionable and the breakdown did not factor in Independents. They focused charts on Republicans/lean Republican and Democrats/lean Democrats. It is stated in the method that there were 836 Rep/lean-Rep and 964 Dem/lean-Dem that leaves 202.

There is also no mention of how many from each generation was part of the survey. In my opinion this survey is not that big a deal nor very revealing.

Charles M. Reeder


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom