Grand Slam Parade

The Grand Slam Parade was an enjoyable evening; however, I would like to add a few of my thoughts to the planning of next year’s event. Ban the passing out of candy, soda and treats. From where we were sitting, it was very dangerous to see the children and I might add their adult parents running out into the street for candy and soda. For the soda vendors to hand out cases of soda and tea was absolutely ridiculous. Yes, cases and to watch grown adults act like children to push and shove to get them was eye opening.

The spectators need to remain on the curb and not half way into the streets. Hats off to the section that had barricades and held back the people as I am sure they were able to see the parade.

When I asked a set of parents to step back so we could see the parade, I was told to shut up and I could see them when they got in front of me. It was a free street and they would stand anywhere they wanted. When I went to the police officer to ask them to come up and put them back I was told there was nothing they could do. Wonder what they could have done if someone got hit by a vehicle?

Come on, event planner. You want the people to come out and watch and support them. Do something to control the crowd that only want candy, soda, etc. I am sure that others feel the same way.

Next year I will be changing my observation spot and move behind the barricades.

Eileen Oldt