The beginnings of life, evolution, and man-made climate change all have something in common. A lot of what is called settled science is full of unprovable presumptions, suppositions, and conjecture. There are large holes in each theory that need to be filled to complete the sequence.

Those holes are filled with guesses and then, since it seems to fit the theory, is proclaimed to be settled science.

It happens with the big bang and the origins of life. A scientist is reported to create life out of a primordial soup. Settled Science.

Except that the ‘soup’ consisted of chemicals not present according to other settled science. The beginnings of life evolved slowly over billions of years. But no one has explained the Cambrian explosion.

The missing link for ape to man was found. Except that that link was a skull cap and leg bone with nothing else to go with it. Man-made climate change is also settled science.

It’s based on the assumption that we are in something other than a normal climate cycle (warming period). There is no empirical evidence to support that theory yet everything that follows is based on that first assumption.

Science, by nature, is self-correcting. There is no such thing as settled science, especially when it pertains to unprovable theory. So the next time that someone says the science is settled, be skeptical and go looking for your own answers.

Mike Kerstetter


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom