Local vet speaks about the president, McCain

“You mean president heel spurs” he said as I sat next to him on the way to Wilkes-Barre for his appointment at the Veterans Hospital. We were discussing why it took so long for President Trump to acknowledge John McCain’s passing. “What do you expect from a guy who gets deferments but can play football…we all know about guys like that and what they’re about,” he added.

So, I sit here now at my desk writing a letter because I feel it’s important to tell readers how one local veteran thought about our present commander in chief. When you walk around a VA hospital or in the parking lot of a VA hospital you see many things that you can’t help focusing on, and, at least for me, put things like politics and duty and honor into perspective. Which brings me to what I saw months ago on a Vietnam vet’s motorcycle fender that was in the hospital parking lot…the bumper sticker read “all gave some, some gave all.” That sums up John McCain’s life and his contribution to our nation.

Robert Slothus


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