Morons in charge

I am writing regarding the morons in charge of our school districts. You know those superintendents and other high level morons that receive obscene and outrageous salaries for God knows what! I call them morons because how can we have the rainfall in July and August we received and these clueless morons allow mold to grow in our schools.

I am really interested in the morons in charge of the Jersey Shore Area School District! None thought maybe we should turn on the air conditioning to dry out the schools but also to make sure the HVAC systems are ready for school instead of waiting until the week before school starts.

At the very least the head of buildings and grounds should have checked the schools out.

I have to wonder if it will be cheaper to pay a mold eradication company to remove and clean the resulting mold up or to prevent the mold in the first place by running the HVAC systems.

But the administration doesn’t care. They can just raise taxes to cover up their ineptitude. Perhaps if the personnel responsible had to pay the bill out of their own pockets they would do the job they are obscenely overpaid to do! This is condemnation meant for the administration heads, not the average maintenance workers.

Mike Gohrig


Submitted by E-Mail