The real desire with tax dollars

David Faust writes letters incessantly about taxes which are of the graduated variety. In his latest letter, he bemoans the fact that everyone is assessed the same dollar amount for our per capita taxes. Then he complains that the rich and poor pay the same percentage rate for State and Local income taxes. Lastly, he includes sales taxes in his list of taxes he feels are unfair.

But what he doesn’t tell you, or perhaps he doesn’t realize, is that a person who earns more or spends more pays more taxes monetarily than those who make or spend less. That is, the person who makes $10,000 would pay $1,000 at a 10 percent tax rate. The person who makes $100,000 would pay $10,000 at that same 10 percent tax rate. If you made one million, you’d pay $100,000 at that 10 percent tax rate.

The sales tax is no different. People who make more money also spend more money, so that 6 percent sales tax has them paying more into the tax coffers as well.

What David really wants is income redistribution via taxes. He wants the people who make more than him to not only pay their share but his as well. In my view, that is greed.

Mike Kerstetter


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom