Two out of three

I just got finished reading the three letters in the Aug. 30 edition. Two of them were great and right on the mark, ”The Greatest Generation -Really” by John Campanile and ”Where socialist dreams come true.” by Marlin D. Lilley Jr.

I couldn’t agree with the both of you more. On the other hand, the third letter by Jay D. Myers was a slap in the face of patriotism.

I, along with many, feel that Sen. John McCain was and still is a traitor.

Jay D. Myers and I were not imprisoned at the Hanoi Hilton when Sen. McCain was, but those that were imprisoned there claim they have no use for McCain. In fact, he was nicknamed songbird for not only giving the enemy secret military info but also ratting out on his fellow prisoners and countrymen for which some were so mistreated that they never survived, thanks to John McCain.

Oh sure, Sen. McCain suffered the same brutal treatment at first for a while and had the lifelong scars to prove it until he turned traitor and that fact is well documented. In fact, McCain didn’t want to go home when he had the opportunity when his military family made arrangements. Ol’ John was in no hurry to get back home and face a court martial.

When ol’ John did get released and sent back home and he was indeed headed for a court martial . But good old Tricky Dicky Nixon gave John McCain a full pardon.

Now that was then.

In recent times John McCain proved to be a turncoat, (Rhino) a Democrat in Republican clothing.

He was the deciding vote in D.C. on eliminat- ing Obamacare once and for all but he turned against his own party and voted to keep it.

I for one have no respect for and never did for John McCain and I could go on and on about him, but why talk about the dead.

Jay D. Myers also said that he knows how a great American conducts himself and that our president isn’t one of them.

Now, how would Jay D. Myers know what or how a president should act like.

Is there a book on this some where out there?

If Jay D. Myers is going by the way the last four presidents acted in public and how smooth and articulate they spoke like polished statesmen, well then, forget all that.

They lied to our faces, taxed us half to death and got wealthy in the process.

Mr. Myers, like many left-wing Democrats, wants this country to fail so that they can say President Trump failed, but that isn’t going to happen.

President Trump didn’t lose a billion dollars to get into office to fail as a president and he is proving that everyday and you progressive liberals hate that.

You liberals also hate the fact that our great President Trump doesn’t sugarcoat his words so as to ”not hurt someone’s feelings”.

In other words, you hate the fact that he isn’t ”politically correct”.

Well that’s just a shame, now isn’t it. We knew when we elected him who and what he is and isn’t and a phony he is not, like the last one we had.

President Trump is doing just what we elected him to do and more, all in our favor.

George Lockett


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom