Why did my Catholic Church go so wrong?

Having been confirmed as a Catholic since I was a child, I cannot understand how or why the priests, as well as other males, want to molest children.

It happened to me again after having to leave Philly as a child because of a pedophile. The second time was from our next-door neighbor’s grandfather, so I know how it feels to fear the consequences once this happened, but to discover that this also occurred in my church it makes me angry and I see the priests, as preaching out of both sides of their mouths.

When the Pope will not recognize this and put a stop to the priests who harm the children under their watch, then I find it despicable. Could this be the hypocrites that Jesus mentioned in the bible?

Anyone that molests a child, no matter their age or gender, must be placed away from others for life. We must protect the children.

Ida Temple


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom