The definition of invasion

Let’s see. Large group of people intending to force their way into a country that is not theirs with the intent to remain there once in (i.e to occupy). That sounds pretty close to the definition of invasion. We have a legal process for immigration, and as a country are far more receptive to legal immigration than any other nation on earth. Ours is a nation based on rule of law. Our law prescribes the procedures for immigration. It is not unreasonable to ask those who wish to come to do it the legal way, and to reject those who break our laws in an attempt to circumvent our system. It is also a sovereign right of any country to vet those it wishes to let in to ensure those people will not harm the country, whether such harm is intentional or not (such as by disease). Typhoid, tuberculosis, polio, mumps, measles have all seen a marked resurgence in recent years in the US, attributable almost completely to illegal immigration.

Romuald Andraka

Trout Run

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom