The difference between Hillary and Ivanka

In a recent letter it was noted that Ivanka Trump was found to occasionally have used her personal e-mail for government business. The writer compared this to accusations against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for having done the same thing, and went on to quip about the possibility of the two sharing the same prison cell.

Nice try, pal, but no cigar. Unlike the former Secretary of State, the president’s daughter (a) did not deliberately establish a clandestine e-mail account with an equally clandestine server with the intent of avoiding Congressional oversight, (b) did not use this clandestine e-mail account to transmit top secret state department documents, (c) did not forward said e-mails to the personal cell phone of Anthony Weiner, who has no business knowing such information and (d) did not proceed to delete the e-mails and “Bleach Bit” the server so as to cover her tracks, and physically destroy the Blackberry devices that were used by her department to receive such e-mails.

One of the two violated the Espionage Act. James Comey spent 15 minutes laying out the case for indicting Hillary, only to conclude “no reasonable prosecutor” would pursue the case, like Inspector Clouseau from the “Pink Panther”. Don’t confuse him with the facts.

Ken Robertson


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