Being right on immigration

A recent letter mentioned that one of my letters regarding immigration was incorrect as there is no possibility of immigrants being drafted. The Selective Service is still active and there are many local people appointed to serve on a local Draft Board should the draft be reactivated.

If such an activation would occur, one could only expect that strings would be pulled to exempt the children of those more valuable than others, e.g, Children of Trump vs children of the Frito Bandito.

As to the matter of immigration, I do think that many Trump supporters suffer from Dunning-Kruger Effect and do not consider all aspects of immigration. I can only feel sorry for them. While I do think this country needs immigrants, I do agree with them on some aspects of immigration, however, and must give Trump credit for his sense of fairness in using the USICS to plan to deport 35,000 illegal immigrants back to Ireland from Massachusetts, and not just picking on Mexicans.

As to the people approaching our southern borders, I once had the pleasure of working side by side for 14 hours a day on an oil exploration crew in Texas with three dozen illegal immigrants. These guys were smart, hard working men who sent most of their wages back to their families in the Mennonite Communities of Central Mexico. They were over 6 foot tall, blond and blue eyed–in Mexico because both Canada and the U.S. wanted to draft their grandfathers to fight in World War II. Because they believed the Bible really meant, “Thou shalt not Kill”, they lived in Mexico and worked in the US. Obviously, we do not need this kind of people in our country.

To those who say there should be no immigration at all, you are wrong. And yes, I do have three immigrants living with me.

Al Sever


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