Climate hypocrits

When Charles Dudley Warner coined the phrase: “Everybody complains about the weather, but nobody does anything about it”, he must have had climate change advocates in mind, since they do the most complaining and least amount about it! When all is said and done, there is a lot more said than done!

The way some of the proponents of so-called man-made climate change prattle on, it is more of a religion than a science. For them to say the science is settled defies the very definition of science!

In the Gospels, Jesus called many of the religious leaders hypocrites. It is easy to see similarities of climate change to religion. Perhaps that makes Al Gore the pope of the climate change religion; the biggest hypocrite of all.

He and others like to preach of studies and charts and predictions. They love to warn against the dangers of Co2 levels in the air, and how trillions of dollars need to be spent to combat the destruction of the planet before it is too late. Meanwhile no one has personally done anything meaningful to change their own carbon foot print! He lives in a mansion and flies all over the world to attend conferences when the same thing can be accomplished on a net-meeting website. They are good at telling others what to do without leading the way themselves, including writers to this paper. Hypocrites.

The worst part is that with the same money they are willing to spend on such a feckless ambition to perhaps alter the global temperature one degree in 100 years, they could solve the world’s hunger overnight and save untold millions of lives!

While the vast majority of people in the USA enjoy prosperity that exceeds many nations of the world, we are in debt beyond measure. How does anyone think any other country has enough financial resources to commit to such a fool’s errand?

Does that mean I am saying that one should give up on being resourceful, and finding cheaper and more efficient, and less polluting ways of doing things? Absolutely not! But it does mean to put priorities in order, and to do those things, but without neglecting that which is most important, in order of importance. In triage care, patients are listed in order of most critical to be top priority. Climate change is on the level of a broken finger, and the advocates are complaining that it is not being treated like a seeping chest wound!

I challenge anyone who writes a letter to advocate for all of the science they claim that supports their theories of the global climate change dangers, to prove first that they are not an actor playing a part. I challenge them to show how serious they believe what they say, by having personally done all that can be done to not contribute to the problem they claim exists. Walk the talk or take a hike.

Keith McAndrew


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom